(the provisional programme is subject to alteration)

RCOA Revalidation logoEach day of the conference there are 2 streams of presentations + workshops and a symposium offering delegates the choice to satisfy their CPD requirements.

This day of the meeting is approved by the Royal College of Anaesthetists for 5 points for the purposes of continuing professional development.



Session 6:

10.45-11.15 Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing


Session 7: Obesity in Childhood; How do we Manage it?

Chair: Robin John, Sheffield

Endocrinology & Physiology (3I00) (2D02)Dr Neil Wright, Sheffield
The Surgical Perspective (3A13)Mr Sean Marven, Sheffield
Anaesthesia Management (3A13) (3A01)Dr Nick Barron, Sheffield


Session 8: QI – What You Need to Know

Chair: Duncan Miller, Sheffield

Overview of QI (3I00) (1I05)Dr Ty Muhly, Philadelphia
QI & Human Factors (3I00)(3J02)(1I03) (1I05)Dr Danielle Franklin, Plymouth
Microsystem Coaching (3I00) (1I05) Prof Tom Downes, Sheffield

13.00-14.00 Lunch, Exhibition and Poster Viewing



Session 9: Allergy & Anaphylaxis

Chair: Christine Kirton, Sheffield

Allergies and Asthma (3I00) (2D02)Dr Nicola Jay, Sheffield
Drug Related Allergies (3I00)Dr Britta Regli-Von Ungern, Perth, Australia
NAP6 Paediatric Report (3A01)(3I00)(1B01)Dr Mark Thomas, London


Session 10: How To

Chair: Tom Englehardt, Edinburgh

Approach Paediatric Organ Donation (3D00)Dr Simon Steel, Sheffield
Apply & Use the Nectarine Study Outcomes (3J03) (2D02)Dr Nicola Disma, Genoa
Embrace Technology to Assist us in 2019 (3J01)(3J02) Dr Hannah Lonsdale, Sheffield

QI: to deliver the practical side of actually how to bring in QI projects

Click here for full details


15.45 - 16.30

Session 11: President’s Session

Chair: Charles Stack, Sheffield

Case Based Discussions, Q&A. Panel of Four Speakers from the programme, selected by the President (3I00) (2D02)

Panellists to include: Prof Tony Roche, Seattle,   Dr. Robert John, Sheffield   Dr. Nicola Disma, Genoa   Dr Ty Muhly, Philadelphia

Prize Presentations

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