Programme Overview

During this two-day meeting a varied programme of talks will be presented in two streams in the excellent venue of Bristol’s Colston Hall. We have assembled a panel of national and international expert speakers and the programme has been carefully designed such that all interests are catered for.

There will be sessions on specialist paediatric anaesthesia alongside sessions devoted to the first response in a crisis when the anaesthetist will often be involved. Given the recent publication from the Association of Anaesthetists we have also focused on the problems that anaesthetists can have as they age and we are delighted that Liam Brennan, our College President will be talking on this topic. Avoiding legal pitfalls and dealing with poor practice are also areas that doctors sometimes only learn about when they are involved in managing a problem.

Two of our keynote speakers have had a major influence on the patient safety agenda before that became fashionable. Steve Bolsin will give a view on “Bristol” fifteen-years after publication of the Kennedy report and Phil Hammond will talk about how the patient safety agenda has advanced and how it might change in the future.

How we put children to sleep and the pharmacokinetics of the drugs we use is still a puzzle to us. The measurement of the depth of anaesthesia and the tools available to the practitioner are still developing. Both these topics will be dealt with by Brian Anderson and Andrew Davidson in a State of the Art session on the Thursday. In the equivalent session on Friday (Stream 2), Laszlo Vutskits will look at the neonatal brain and how anaesthesia might affect it and David Mason will discuss the proliferating number of airway devices in children, how to assess them and which ones you might use.

There is a thought provoking session on anaesthesia in the developing world, including a presentation by one of the beneficiaries of the scheme to which the APAGBI contributes in Kenya. The free papers will be presented on the Friday morning and there is a related session on current research on the Thursday afternoon.

So for a stimulating, ambitious and wide ranging programme of relevant material you need do no more than come to Bristol in June 2017 to attend the APAGBI Annual Scientific Meeting. You will get the relevant CPD, pick up with your old friends and perhaps meet some new ones.

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