Friday 9th June

The day offers 2 streams of presentations joining for the Sessions 9 and 14

Jackie Cornish – It is with regret that the committee has received a withdrawal from the programme of Jackie Cornish. With her role so close to government, all speaking engagements have to be cancelled due to the election of a new government on the 8th.


Session 9: Free Papers

10:30-11.00 Coffee, Exhibition and Poster Viewing


Session 10: Debate: ‘The Long Run?’

Pro “the older anaesthetist is a boon to the department“Marc Cohen (London)
Con “the older anaesthetist gets in the way of progress” Crispin Best (Glasgow)
‘Getting on’ - the ageing (paediatric) anaesthetistLiam Brennan (Cambridge)

12.30 -13.45 Lunch, Exhibition and Poster Viewing

13.45 - 14.20

IntroductionAndrew Wolf (Bristol)
From blind trust to kind truth Phil Hammond (Bristol)

14.20 - 15.50

Session 12: Developing World

Lifebox and SAFE Nick Boyd (London, GOSH)
The Nairobi Fellowship Susane Nabulindo (Kenya)
Health Care in a conflict zone Rachael Craven (Bristol)


Session 11: ‘Editors Picks’

Basic science Laszlo Vutskits (Geneva)
Education and training Mark Thomas (London)
Clinical trials Tom Englehardt (Aberdeen)
Critical analysis of reading a paper Andrew Davidson (Melbourne)

12.30-13.45 Lunch


IntroductionAndrew Wolf (Bristol)
From blind trust to kind truth Phil Hammond (Bristol)

14.20 - 15.50

Session 13: State of the Art

The neonatal brain and anaesthesia 2017 Laszlo Vutskits (Geneva)
Why is complex airway management in children so different? David Mason (Oxford)


Session 14: with Ice Cream!

—‘A little deep sleep’ Film 

‘Twenty Years on’ - The origins of clinical governance Steve Bolsin (Geelong)


Prizes and Close

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